Several Simple Tips From Semalt For Those Who Aspire To Cope With Malware Awesomely

A few years ago, Cyphort reported that online scams had increased by 400% than the previous years. Malvertisements are the most types of ads that infect your computer systems in a large number. When you click on those ads, you are likely to be a victim of the viruses and malware.

Alexander Peresunko, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, warns that the attacker implements such strategies to steal your private information and your money. They pay for ad space to get their malware attached to the ads. Just like the phishing email, malvertisers try to trick users into infected advertisements on a daily basis.

Malvertisers Use Marketing Strategies

It is true that ad networks offer a comprehensive way to attackers to customize their malicious and dangerous ads. Some of the companies make those ads visible round the clock just for the sake of money. When a user inserts some keywords in the search box, he or she is likely to be directed to malicious advertisements. Such ads mostly appear in the form of pop-up windows and contain malware and viruses in a large number. They would attract you by offering some handsome amounts for answering several questions or clicking on the provided links. Through these ads, attackers target a large number of people every day especially the multinational companies, security agencies, and hospitals.

How to Avoid Malvertisements

One of the main challenges is that how to avoid malvertisements. Here we have talked about a few things which you need to remember.

Up-date Browsers

First of all, you should update your browser on a regular basis. In the last few months, malvertisements had served up Angler exploit kits. It is a specific type of malware that locks your browser and can limit your access to the internet. The easiest way to fix it is by updating your browsers and plugins once in a week. An updated browser will not become infected with malware and viruses.

Anti-virus Program

It would not be wrong to say that there is no alternative to antivirus programs. They can scan your systems and help you avoid malware and viruses to a great extent. Antivirus programs act like a layer of defense against malware and infected advertisements.


You should always use ad blockers that help you to take down all infected ads. When it comes to using the websites, most of the ads contain malware and viruses, and the only way to get rid of them is switching on your ad-blocker. Some of the websites, however, maintain their revenues and generate a lot of money by providing you safe and secure ads. Finding such sites is tough, so it is better to have an ad-blocker and keep it updated.

Browser Lock Icons

Last but not the least you can try to lock icons that tend to precede the URLs in the search box of their browsers. It is an easy and safe way, and the browsers that can be added to it are Mozilla, Google Chrome, and Firefox. When the secure HTTPS websites pull content from non-secure HTTP platforms, you are likely to be warned about that within seconds. For example, Mozilla warns its user with every two out of ten lock icons so that they can stay safe on the internet.

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