Semalt Expert: Here's How To View Only Mobile Traffic

Google Analytics profile filters are advantageous in a lot of ways. The first and foremost advantage is that we can include or exclude data from our reports based on our requirements and the kind of parameters.

You may want to view or eliminate data from the mobile traffic, some specific domains or a particular location. Oliver King, the leading expert from Semalt, assures that all these things can be done easily with your Google Analytics account.

Google's profile filter can be defined as the particular filter that is used to modify or limit the data in your Google Analytics dashboard. Thus, it is possible for you to make the changes in your data and ensure the safety and credibility of your site on the internet.

In other words, we can say that Google Analytics profile filters can help create a set of reports that show accurate data and reliable information about the sources and IP addresses of your traffic. Whether you get your views from the personal computer or the mobile devices, the profile filters will provide you with the reliable information only. It is possible to apply the Google Analytics profile filters in various situations once you have fully built them.

Step 1 – You should have a master profile

The first step is to have a master profile before you get started. If you have not yet created that profile, you can never get an idea of where the traffic of your site is coming from. Your master profile will contain all of the information about your web traffic and where to spend most of your time. If you have been using Google Analytics for long, it's time to monitor the activities of your site by creating a master profile. It is easy to set up and gives you quality results.

Step 2- Set up a new profile

In case, you have not created a profile. Here we are going to tell you how to build the profile filters instantly. Click on the Admin section in your Google Analytics account and select the Profiles tab, followed by clicking on New Profile icon to get started.

Step 3 – Create a profile filter

Once you have created a profile and completed all of its sections, the next step is to click on the Mobile Users icon and create filters by clicking on the Filters section. Here you can create a variety of filters based on your requirements and start evaluating your website's traffic as well as its quality.

Google Analytics mobile filtered profiles in action

About three years ago, lots of traffic that visited the Crazy Egg blog was through mobile devices. The most disturbing thing that only six percent of email subscribers visited the website using their mobiles. Moreover, mobiles were lagging to a great extent in areas like bounce rate and time on site. It means a lot of people visited the site, but they spent only a few seconds on the web pages. Thus, the company preferred to redesign and recreate the Google Analytics profile filter to ensure its visibility and credibility on the internet. The new responsive WordPress themes were developed to ensure that users get the quality results.